Cast Promises Fans Mind Blowing 'Total Recall'


One of the most anticipated film remakes in years is Total Recall -- which burst onto the screen in 1990 with Arnold Schwarzenegger -- which is set to reboot into theaters next month. Colin Farrell and other stars of the new sci-fi thriller went to Comic-Con last week to promote the remake and spoke about how film technology made all the difference this time around.  

While Colin revealed that at first he was "dubious" about doing a movie remake, he said he quickly came on board after being fascinated by the script. "I found it riveting, and I found that it was different enough from the original, while still honoring the same dramatic concepts."

He promised that moviegoers will be impressed with more than just endless action. "It should be an emotional journey you go on. Outside of all the explosions and car chases, if the audience isn't aligned with the characters in the film in some kind of emotional or intellectual way, then it really doesn't work."

VIDEO: Colin's Electrifying Total Recall Triangle

Kate Beckinsale said the danger of remaking a classic is disappointing the audience, but she said in this case it should have the opposite effect. "I do think it will be a pleasant surprise for a lot of people," she said, adding that the film is definitely "a wild ride."

In Total Recall -- blasting into theaters August 3 -- Colin portrays a factory worker seeking out a mind-trip vacation from his frustrating life, only to discover that he may actually just be the super spy he requested to be in his implanted dream. He teams up with Kate and Jessica Biel to try to take down evil forces trying to stop him.

Watch the video for more, including interviews with Biel and Bryan Cranston. 

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