'Dark Knight' Stars Reflect on Final Act


Christian Bale joined Anne Hathaway and other cast members in New York for a "black carpet" premiere of the highly anticipated Batman trilogy The Dark Knight Rises

"This movie kind of makes me nervous because it's the last in our trilogy and it's very important for us. So I'm really flattered that people want to see it so badly," Christian told ET at last night's star-studded premiere. The actor added that even though he had previous opportunities to see the film, he waited for the NY premiere so he could view it on an IMAX screen. 

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There's been a lot of talk about Anne Hathaway's sexy catsuit in the movie and she even called the outfit a "psychological terrorist." She told us she took her role as Catwoman very seriously. "I think the thing that I'll remember most is how grateful I felt the last time I got to wear it. And how I couldn't believe that it was me inside of it -- it was very meaningful to me."

Christopher Nolan said, "It's been a little treacherous, one might say. You're walking through a bit of a minefield of plot points. Obvisouly you're very excited for people to talk about the film, but there's a lot of things we want to keep fresh for the audience. Leave a few surprises for when people see it in the theaters." 

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Oscar nominated star Gary Oldman said many fans even thought a third movie would be doubtful, so he's expecting them to turn out in droves to see The Dark Knight Rises.

Watch the video for more interviews from the carpet from cast members Morgan Freeman and Tom Hardy, as welll as The Apprentice star Donald Trump and musician Chris Daughtry.

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