Exclusive Clip: Dean Cain's 'Showdown'


With the Little League World Series coming up this August, a new movie is set to hit a homerun with the boys and girls who love young America's pastime.

Home Run Showdown, starring Dean Cain and Matthew Lillard, spotlights the hilarious and heart-warming effect a tenacious 12-year-old can have on an entire town. Lorenzo is new in town and didn't make the cut when he tried out for Youth League Baseball, so he decides to start his own team! And with the help of his new teammates, Lorenzo has to convince washed-up minor leaguer Joey Deluca (Matthew Lillard) to be the new team's coach.

That puts Deluca in direct competition with his arrogant ex-major league brother, Rico (Dean Cain) -- who is coach of the rival team! Check out the boys starting their family feud in this exclusive ETonline clip!

Shooting city Detroit will first host Home Run Showdown before expanding around the country, timed to the Little League World Series. It will be available via VOD/DVD at the end of August.