First ET Interview: Ben Stiller


Ben Stiller is back in theaters with the summer ensemble comedyThe Watch, and we're flashing back to a 25-year-old Ben in his first-ever ET interview!

Video: Ben Stiller Talks Improvisation in 'The Watch' 

Back in February of 1991, Ben was working opposite George Carlin on the comedy TV movie Working Trash, about two janitors who find insider trading information in the garbage and face an ethical dilemma.

"Then, of course, it gets a little out of hand [and] a little wacky," said Ben with a laugh about the movie's plot. Excited to be working with one of his comedy idols, Ben also opened up about growing up in a showbiz family, saying, "My folks are very supportive, they're great. They're always there when I ask them about something. Since I was little I grew up around the business and I don't know if I [would be in the biz] if I hadn't grown up around it, you know? It's just always been part of my life."

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Ben laughed about finally getting to play a "leading guy" role, since he had often before played "sleazebags or of a type." And asked about any long-term plans, he replied, "I just want to keep on working. Being employed is great in this business because you spend a lot of time being unemployed. So it's very exciting when you're working. It's great."