Carell Counsels Streep & Jones in 'Hope Springs'


Although Steve Carell has played some pretty goofy characters over the years that keep audiences laughing, he takes on a new role in the upcoming romantic comedy Hope Springs, in which he plays a marriage counselor to Meryl Streep's and Tommy Lee Jones' characters.

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Of course, Carell still maintains his trademark comedic flare in the film, but ventures away from the bewildered character he plays in Anchorman and more towards the dramatic, inspiring character he plays in Dan in Real Life, as seen in the trailer. Carell talked about the pleasures of working with acting legends Streep and Jones for the project.

"Working with Meryl Streep [is] exactly what you'd imagine that to be. Obviously, she's a phenomenal actor, but aside from that, [she] could not be a more lovely person," Carell praised of the beloved Hollywood star. "Obviously, I was a fan of hers, but when someone exceeds your expectations, it's rare that someone is far and away better than you even dreamed they'd be."

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The 49-year-old actor also had high praises for Tommy Lee Jones, who he said was "very giving" and present as an actor despite the intensity that he brings to the set. At the risk of sounding cliche, Carell conveyed what an honor it was "to be in the same room with those two."

Streep, who plays a woman named "Kay" who is trying to revive her marriage with her husband of 30 years, asserted that the characters and their story are very relatable to the average audience member.

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"I think audiences will recognize these people," she said. "They may recognize themselves in some parts of this marriage; they may recognize their brother-in-law; they might look at it apart from their own life."

Check out the video above for the full interviews as well as the film's extended trailer. Hope Springs is set for an August 10 release.