Robert Pattinson Smells of Sex in 'Cosmopolis'


What is that smell, exactly…? Robert Pattinson plays a bloodsucker of a more theoretical sort in his trippy new movie Cosmopolis, and we have an exclusive clip from the highly anticipated David Cronenberg film.

Video: Robert Pattinson's Intense 'Cosmopolis' Trailer

"I don't like saying this," says actress Sarah Gadon to Pattinson in the clip. "You smell of sex. I smell sex all over you."

Video: R. Pattz Like You've Never Seen Him!

Based on the novel by Don DeLillo, Cosmopolis follows one day in the wild life of multi-billionaire asset manager Eric Packer (Pattinson), who travels aimlessly through the streets of New York City in his limousine while conducting investment trading from the back seat. As the day progresses, it devolves into an odyssey with a cast of characters that start to tear his world apart.

In theaters August 17, the movie also co-stars Jay Baruchel, Paul Giamatti and Juliette Binoche. For more about Rob, check out his new interview with Black Book magazine.