Kate Beckinsale Praises 'Amazing' Colin Farrell


Kate Beckinsale and Colin Farrell team up in the futuristic action-packed Total Recall, and although the two maintain a complex and occasionally violent relationship in the film, Beckinsale praised Farrell with a plethora of flattering adjectives.

"He is probably the nicest person in the whole world," Beckinsale admired. "He's incredibly professional; he's brilliant at all the physical stuff; he's an amazing actor; he's on time; he pleases the female crew by walking around with pajama bottoms and his shirt off; he's a brilliant dad...I can't say enough good things about him. I loved him."

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Although Beckinsale had very high remarks for her co-star, Farrell divulged a stunt mishap in which she accidentally gave him a "chop to the larynx" that he said he wouldn't forget. Farrell revealed that that incident was thankfully the extent of stunt misfortunes.

While he may not have signed up for a role that required real blows like the one he received from his co-star, his role includes plenty of action and violence. Farrell revealed that he got fit for the role by lifting weights, eating healthy, getting sufficient sleep, doing yoga, and jogging.

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The science fiction film not only provides plenty of action but also sparks interesting philosophical debates concerning the implantation of artificial memories that is executed in the film. When the stars were asked how they envision their ideal life, they said that it would be starkly different from their current movie-star lives.

"If I could write a completely different life, it would probably be a life where I experience a certain level of happiness and a lot more stillness than I have in my life now," said Farrell. "I'm not complaining about the movement that I have right now, 'cause it's wonderful. I love to travel--I get to travel a lot--but I'd probably go in a completely different direction and maybe find myself somewhere rural and beautiful."

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Bryan Cranston, who was recently nominated for an Emmy for Breaking Bad, mentioned space travel or journeying back to Europe during the peak of Impressionism, and Jessica Biel expressed a desire to be at one with nature and become a photojournalist. In line with her adoring comments, Beckinsale's response nearly mirrored Farrell's.

"I quite fancy something really rural," she said. "Imagine if you were somebody who never really lived in a city and you grew all your own food and you had the chickens and all that stuff. I kinda fancy that idea. I know I'm never going to do it, so it's worth fantasizing at."

Total Recall
is in theaters this Friday (Aug. 3).