ET Flashback: Kate Beckinsale's 'Disco' Days


Kate Beckinsale is back on the big screen this weekend in the remake of Total Recall, and we're doing a little recall of our own by flashing back to 1997 and Kate's first-ever ET interview on the set of The Last Days of Disco!

Video: Kate Beckinsale on Her Chance to Kick 'Total' Butt

In October of '97, the 24-year-old British star starred in the ensemble piece written and directed by Whit Stillman, loosely based on his experiences at the infamous Studio 54 and other Manhattan nightclubs. The film also starred Chloe Sevigny, Jennifer Beals, Robert Sean Leonard and Stillman regular Chris Eigeman.

Video: Cast Promises Fans Mind Blowing 'Total Recall'

Watch the video to find out what Kate was actually up to during those last days of disco…