It's 'The End' for Drew Barrymore

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Drew Barrymore will put on her director's hat for a new, end-of-the-world drama – but will the mom-to-be also star?

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Drew has closed a deal to direct The End for Warner Bros. as her sophomore effort, following her well-received roller derby flick Whip It. This time, however, she won't also star in the film.

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Described as an apocalyptic story that's "meant to be uplifting and humanistic rather than a downer; a meditation not on death but on life," The End follows several people on the last day of Earth as they reconcile their fate. Characters include a father trying to make it through the chaos in Tokyo to reach his wife and baby; a Midwest teen couple pulled in different directions by their families; and a London radio personality intent on broadcasting until the end.