Stars Praise 'Timothy Green' Young Actor


The upcoming Disney film The Odd Life of Timothy Green inspires to never give up faith and to live a life of happiness, a message that is derived from the title character. As the stars of the film explain in ET's exclusive first look, the actor who played "Timothy Green" (C.J. Adams) was just as inspiring as his on-screen character.

"C.J. has this openness in his heart...He's just all pure sweetness," co-star Jennifer Garner praised of the young actor. "He just is patient and sweet and kind and tender, and Timothy is like that as well."

VIDEO: A Taste of 'The Odd Life of Timothy Green'

Garner's on-screen husband Joel Edgerton, who plays C.J.'s father in the film, also had high praises about C.J., who he referred to as "perfect."

"He really is perfect in so many the point where I can't imagine anybody else being Timothy," Edgerton said. "He's a beautiful little kid. He's really great on screen...I just love his naivety."

Adams, who made his film debut in 2007 with a small role in Dan in Real Life, highlighted the similarities between him and his character of "Timothy Green."

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"Me and Timothy are alike because we both look the same and we both act the same but also [because] Timothy's very unique and he cares about nature and always likes hiking in the woods--same as I do," said the young actor of his inspiring character. "He's very nice to people and I try my best to do that too."

Actor and rapper Common, who plays Timothy's soccer coach, noted something special about young C.J.

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"[There have been] times when we were in certain scenes and I just was struck by his presence and his innocence but at the same token, his evolution--like how much he already felt evolved in a way," he said. "This kid definitely has a special quality about him. There's something that's beautiful about C.J."

The Odd Life of Timothy Green
will be in theaters August 15.