Why 'Expendables' Cast Felt Pressure for Sequel


Although theExpendables 2 cast enjoyed filming the sequel to its action-packed predecessor, Terry Crews revealed that the success of the first film put a pressure on the cast that caused them to become more engaged in their roles.

"This movie...it was a lot of pressure because you wanted it to be better," said Crews, who reprises his role as weapons specialist Hale Caesar. "You knew how much everybody loved the first one so you couldn't really goof around...You wanted to be in your character...You wanted to do everything right."

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While there may have been extra pressure on Crews and the rest of the cast to supersede the success of the franchise's original film that was released two years ago, he said that playing his Expendables role is fun for him as a man.

"We're being big kids...I think every many somewhere [within himself] is a 14-year-old kid," he said. "Not matter how staid [you are] or whatever you've done in your life, you're that guy, and that's what 'The Expendables' is all about. That's what that whole movie-going experience is."

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The series, which was rumored to have secured a third installment tentatively scheduled to begin shooting this fall, boasts an ensemble cast of some of cinema's most notorious action stars, including: Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jet Li.

Although the cast has been star-studded in the first two films of the series, the cast divulged who they would like to add to the cast for a potential third film.

"For me, it would be Wesley Snipes," Crews said. "I'm a big fan of the 'Blade' series; I'm a big fan of 'New Jack City.' He's such a brilliant actor...I think there would be something...huge [there] for him."

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Mentions of other martial artists to complement Jet Li were common. Snipes' name was mentioned a few times in addition to Jackie Chan and Steven Seagal, who have both been rumored to have been offered roles.

Check out the full interviews in the video above from the cast of The Expendables 2, which is in theaters August 17.