Is Jennifer Garner as Lovable as She Appears?


Jennifer Garner has played some endearing roles over the years that have seemed to shape her real-life personality, but does she truly mirror her lovable on-screen characters or it is merely a facade? Garner's Odd Life of Timothy Green co-stars' gave ET their honest opinions at the film's premiere.

"Jennifer's awesome," said Joel Edgerton, who plays Garner's husband in the film. "I actually can't think of a bad thing about Jen, and trust me, I've searched for it...Whatever you think of her on screen, that's what she's like as a person. She's genuinely a good person."

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Garner plays the mother of a young boy who magically comes into being after she and her husband plant a box filled with characteristics of their dream child after receiving troubling news of her infertility. C.J. Adams, who plays the boy, also had high praises for his on-screen mother.

"Working with Jennifer was so cool because, I mean, I see her in like every movie I see," said the young actor. "She's so sweet and nice, and if you need any directions for acting, you go straight to her."

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Adams also spoke about the support that he had been receiving on his first major movie, calling it "awesome." Director Peter Hedges, who worked with C.J. on his first film project, Dan in Real Life (which he directed and co-wrote with Pierce Gardner), detailed the joys of working with Garner and Edgerton on the project.

"Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton are the kinds of actors you run to work every day and go, 'I can't believe I get to work with them,' because they brought so much commitment to the film [and] so much good humor," Hedges said.

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The highly acclaimed Garner conveyed great passion for the film, which she beckoned everyone to go watch.

"This movie will make you feel good," Garner raved. "There have been so many movies with action and special effects and a lot going on. Take a minute and go see this; it hearkens back to old-fashioned Disney films."

The Odd Life of Timothy Green
is in theaters August 15.