Is 'The Awakening' 2012's Scariest Film?


Ever since The Others terrified audiences in 2001, Hollywood has been desperate to recreate the uniquely unsettling vibe that stems from a turn of the century horror picture -- and finally, more than a decade after Nicole Kidman's Golden Globe winning film premiered, a worthy heir assumes the throne!

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The Awakening is a smart, scary and psychologically gripping thriller that focuses on hoax exposer Florence Cathcart (played by The Town's Rebecca Hall). After debunking countless encounters, Cathcart is hired to explain away the continued sighting of a child ghost at an isolated boarding school.

But Cathcart gets more than she bargained for as the 'missing' begin to show themselves -- and the living prove to be scarier than the dead!

The Awakening opens August 17, 2012 in limited release before expanding.