Bradley Cooper on Sporting Dreadlocks


Bradley Cooper looked like his usual handsome self at last night's premiere of Hit and Run in Los Angeles, but he sports an entirely different look in the new comedy -- dreadlocks!

"It was hot, we shot it over the summer," he says about the hairstyle. "I don't remember it being itchy, but wearing a wig is hot."

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But he doesn't rule out rocking the 'do in his real-life.

"In my life? Why not, sure. Well, there was no time to do the dreadlocks," he laughs, while explaining why he opted for a wig.

The film's stars, longtime couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, looked every bit in love at the premiere, even kissing for the cameras.

Dax also couldn't help gushing over Kristen on the red carpet.

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"I had been hanging this role over her head for five long years," he jokes. "Right when we were first together, maybe three or four months in we did a movie together and I got to see how professional and hard working Kristen is on a set. This is who you dream about having in your cast when you are a director. She is such a hard worker, never complains, very fast."

Check out the video to hear Tom Arnold talk about his friendly fights with Dax, and how their real-life friendship influenced the movie.

Hit and Run hits theaters August 22.