Arnold on His Smooth Transition Back into Acting


As Arnold Schwarzenegger has now successfully made the transition from Hollywood to politics back to Hollywood, he told ET at the premiere of his new action film The Expendables 2 that there was no better film with which to segue back into his acting career than The Expendables.

"For me, there was really no better way to get back into the movie business than this movie," the former Governor of California said. "It's really terrific to share the spotlight with so many of the...great action stars [and] great performers. We have been all very competitive over the years...and now to actually come together and all kind of help each other and make each other shine on the screen was really terrific."

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Although he mentioned the years of competition that he shared with fellow action stars Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris, Sylvester Stallone, and others, Schwarzenegger said that he focused on teamwork when creating this project.

"We are one team," he said when asked who the toughest member of the group is. "As long as the team together wins and we have a successful movie--it looks like it's going to be a successful movie--[that's what matters most]."

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Schwarzenegger also gave his thoughts on Sylvester Stallone, who is going through a tough time after the recent passing of his son, Sage, and did not speak with members of the media at the premiere.

"He is going through a tough time and I think the important thing is that he has the support that he needs and that he has a great family; he has wonderful children and a wonderful wife," he said. "He has wonderful friends around him, so we all supported him...It's a very difficult time for him but he's going to pull through it."

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Check out the full video of the premiere above for interviews with the cast of The Expendables 2 as well as a special interview with Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte.