Amy Adams Talks 'Electricity' of 'The Master'


ET caught up with Amy Adams at the New York City premiere of The Master on Tuesday night, and the star addressed the film's swirling connections to Scientology and even commented about the possibility of an Enchanted 2!

Video: New Fireworks in 'The Master'

Amy stars opposite Philip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix in the film, hitting theaters Friday, and Amy says, "The two of them onscreen together is just electric and amazing."

Set in the '50s, The Master follows a charismatic intellectual known as "The Master" (Hoffman) who launches his own religion. Director Paul Thomas Anderson's follow-up to There Will Be Blood is generating controversy due to its reported parallels to the rise of Scientology, and Amy explains, "That's okay – it gets people talking about the film. It's an independent film, [it's] hard to get people in to see it, so if it gets people talking, great."

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Watch the video to see what Amy has to say about Enchanted 2 rumors!