Gere & Sarandon See Stars at 'Arbitrage' Premiere


Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon premiered their new suspense thriller Arbitrage alongside co-star Laetitia Casta, and the stars explained that they never quite get used to the barrage of flashes on the red carpet.

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"I always feel like I'm about to go into some kind of epileptic fit and I feel like maybe I should start drinking," half-joked Sarandon. "I've tried everything else and it hasn't worked. Maybe a few shots of tequila and I'll be more comfortable doing it."

Gere agreed, "Susan and I were talking -- I took her to the Academy Awards like 30 years ago and she was remembering we got so disoriented we couldn't even find the car."

Gere had some fun with the photographers when his wife Carey Lowell posed for the cameras, jumping in line behind a shutterbug, saying, "I want to see what you guys see."

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In theaters Friday, Arbitrage casts Gere as a wealthy hedge fund manager who desperately tries to cover up a personal transgression as he completes the sale of his trading empire before his fraud can be uncovered.