What was Channing Tatum Like in High School?


As the latest "it" couple in Hollywood, Channing Tatum and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum are the envy of celebrities and fans alike, but how did the adorable twosome rank in the high school social sphere?

Turns out both were quite the popular kids back then as well. Channing was a self-described "jock" and Jenna, a cheerleader.

Video: How Well Does Channing Know Jenna?

"They wouldn't even know me as Channing," said the 32-year-old Magic Mike star of his school days in at Tampa Catholic High School in Florida. Instead, Channing went by the nickname "Chan."

"I was just a jock. I played football…I had a girlfriend. It was very normal, standard stuff."

Jenna, who grew up in Texas, tells us she was in with the dance and cheerleader crowds, but said her passion for dance made it tough to attend many social gatherings.

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"I was obsessed with being a dancer so I was in dance classes every night and missed a lot of the fun parties, camps, summer camps all that kind of stuff because I was like, 'I'm moving to LA and becoming a dancer.'," says Jenna. "'Focused' is a good word for me in high school."

Now in their thirties, Channing and Jenna are starring in the romantic dramedy, 10 Years about surviving the dreaded high school reunion. Watch the video for more from the star couple and their castmates as they reflect on their high school days.

10 Years is in theaters now.