Move Over 007, Liam Neeson Kicks Butt in 'Taken 2'


The wait is over! Liam Neeson is back in the highly anticipated sequel to the sleeper hit Taken, and this time the excitement level is turned to 11 as he must protect his family from baddies seeking revenge. Watch the video to go behind the scenes of the high-octane sequel, in theaters October 5.

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"I mean forget James Bond, this is the real deal," says Neeson with a smile. "I love doing all that physical stuff … I get a chance to beat up bad guys. It's terrific, it's just a great release, you know?"

Taken 2 finds retired CIA agent Bryan Mills in Istanbul on vacation with his wife and daughter (Famke Janssen and Maggie Grace). But when the Albanian kidnappers who first took his daughter – and paid the price dearly for it with a trail of bodies – track him down to get revenge, Mills will stop at nothing to save his kin. And yes, Mills uses his "particular set of skills" with no remorse…

"I think audiences got a kick out of seeing me sort of doing that sort of stuff, which I'd never really done before," says Neeson of the appeal of the first Taken.

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Taken 2 is directed this time by Olivier Megaton (Colombiana) and also stars perennial badass character actor Rade Serbedzija.