Exclusive - Cillian Murphy 'Lights' Up


Cillian Murphy has played it all -- an egotistical supervillain, a transgendered individual in the 1970s, a professional assassin and the rare survivor of a zombie apocalypse -- but in his new movie, Red Lights, the esteemed actor tackles a terrifying new role.

As Tom Buckley, a paranormal researcher determined to debunk the credibility of his newly un-retired adversary (played by Robert De Niro), Murphy plums new depths and credits much of his performance to the collaboration with director Rodrigo Cortes.

"As an actor, when you find yourself in the hands of somebody who is that confident and that clear in their vision, then you feel very, very safe and feel like you can take risks," Murphy says in ETonline's exclusive sneak peek at the bonus features off the newly released DVD!

Red Lights is now available on DVD and Blu-ray, click here to purchase!