Exclusive Clip: 'Fat Kid Rules the World'


The title almost seems to say it all, doesn't it? Matthew Lillard's directorial debut won the audience award at the 2012 South By Southwest Film Festival, and we have an exclusive clip of Fat Kid Rules the World!

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The film stars Jacob Wysocki as Troy Billings, and overweight, suicidal 17-year-old. Just as he's about to jump in front of a bus, he's saved by Marcus (Matt O'Leary), a charming high school dropout/street musician, and the two begin an uneasy friendship when Marcus enlists the musically challenged Troy to become the drummer in a new punk rock band.

But as Troy's relationship with Marcus grows, Troy's stern Marine father (Billy Campbell) becomes increasingly concerned about his son's new friendship.

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Fat Kid Rules the World opens in New York this Friday and in L.A. on October 12; it will also be available on VOD on October 25th through ARC Entertainment.