Jennifer Lopez Strips for Jason Statham


After watching the sexual tension between Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham's characters in Parker, you may find yourself reminiscing about Lopez and George Clooney's similar romance in the 1998 flick Out of Sight.

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Parker is about a thief (Statham) who lives by a code of honor that reads: "Don't steal from people who can’t afford it, and don't hurt people that don’t deserve it."

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He soon crosses paths with the sexy Leslie (Lopez) who seeks to help him with his latest mission -- but first she must strip down to prove she isn't bugged. According to the trailer, this will later lead to the two kissing in the shower.

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If the film is as fun as the trailer, Parker will include lots of action, some sex and several silly costumes. The film hits theaters Jan. 25. Will you be watching?