America's Finest Ops in 'Zero Dark Thirty'


Oscar-winning The Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow follows up her intense Iraq War saga with the true-life saga of how Osama bin Laden. Get a first look at the new trailer for Zero Dark Thirty...

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Jessica Chastain, Joel Edgerton, Kyle Chandler and James Gandolfini star in the story that details the against-all-odds black ops mission to capture or kill the terrorist mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks. Discovered in a compound in Pakistan, the Al Qaeda leader was targeted by Navy SEAL Team 6 in a deadly, high-stakes raid.

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In theaters December 19, Zero Dark Thirty reteams Bigelow with her Hurt Locker screenwriter Mark Boal and also stars Chris Pratt, Edgar Ramirez, Mark Strong, Nash Edgerton, Harold Perrineau, Jennifer Ehle and Frank Grillo.