Tom Hanks Relives His Weather Forecast Dance


A year after Tom Hanks made the Internet explode with videos of him dancing with Chiqui Delgado during Despierta America's weather forecast, he reunited with his partner-in-crime for an interview about his new film Cloud Atlas.

"This is bad," Hanks said with a smile when Chiqui pulled out a computer to show him the video. The good sport that he is, though, Hanks lets her play the video and enjoyed himself as he pointed out various dance moves to his Atlas co-star Halle Berry.

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"By the way, [that's] a little piece of video that is going to be shown in my memorial when I am dead," he said of the video, which is scattered all over the Internet.

While dancing weatherman is not one of them, Hanks and Berry take on a slew of roles in the upcoming fantasy adventure film, which centers on the passage of a soul through different people. One of Berry's characters includes a man, which she revealed to enjoy portraying.

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"My older Asian man," Berry listed as her favorite of all the characters, "just because it's so far from me...I felt really good. I actually felt balls. I felt it, and I have to say, I kind of liked it."

Berry may have enjoyed playing that character, but she divulged that her daughter didn't have the same experience with the character when she was on set with her mother.

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"What sent her wheels off was when I said 'Hi, honey' in my voice as this man," she recounted. "Her wheels came off and she took off in the other direction. It took her about 24 hours to recover from seeing her mom like that."

Check out the full video to watch Hanks relive his weather forecast dance, as well as his thoughts on the theme of Cloud Atlas (also starring Hugh Grant and Susan Sarandon), which is in theaters October 26.