Craig on Showing 'Skyfall' Skin: 'It's a Living'


From his perfectly tailored Tom Ford suits to his many fearless stunts that he performs himself, Daniel Craig's new 007 film Skyfallmay well be the best Bond of all, but the 44-year-old star remains modest about the whole affair, earnestly explaining that he and the filmmakers simply set out to make "a great Bond movie."

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"We wanted to make the best movie we could to celebrate the 50th anniversary [of the Bond franchise] and all you can do is your best, and so we did," Daniel tells our Christina McLarty. "[Director Sam Mendes and I] share a lot of common ground on our collective experience growing up with Bond."

Christina makes Daniel blush when she tells him that his suits in the movie fit him "in all the right places," and Daniel explains that even though he exercises every day, he hates working out, and he gets some advanced notice to specifically prepare for those scenes in which he takes off his shirt. "It's a living," he shrugs with a smirk.

Daniel also shrugs off the idea that he took new Bond girls Berenice Marlohe and Naomi Harris "under his wing" for the film, saying that they were "consummate professionals" and "just a joy" to work with, as was Skyfall villain Javier Bardem, whom he calls "lovely – he's such a wonderful actor."

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In theaters and IMAX November 9, Skyfall finds Daniel returning for his third outing as Bond, and this time his loyalty to M (Judi Dench) is tested as her past comes back to haunt her. As MI6 comes under attack, 007 must track down and destroy the threat, no matter how personal the cost.

Other than what he calls the film's "strong" plot, "What I'm so proud of about the movie is there's a lightness of touch, which comes from the writing, but also the fact that we had such a good time shooting it and we could play off each other." And while some of his cast mates say that Daniel has the biggest sense of humor on set, he deflects that honor, saying, "The biggest joker is Judi -- dirty jokes as well. All the time, God it's awful. Potty mouth, she's got."

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On the record, how many more Bonds is Daniel planning to do?

"Two, I think," responds the British star. "I'm contracted for two more … I love playing it. I want to play it more, and I get a real kick out of it."

Watch the video for more with Daniel, including what he thinks of Adele's performance of the film's theme song