Jane Lynch Reveals Presidential Halloween Costume


With Halloween now only a day away, ET hit the red carpet for the premiere of Wreck-It Ralph and asked the stars what their costume and party plans are for the festive day. Jane Lynch revealed that she'll be dressing up as one of the presidential candidates.

With the presidential election a week away, the Glee star revealed that in addition to dressing up as her Wreck-It Ralph character of a military sergeant she also plans to don a Mitt Romney costume for Halloween.

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"I'm going as Mitt Romney and my wife is going as Paul Ryan," said Lynch, who has publicly endorsed Democratic candidate Barack Obama. "I'm sure Romney and Ryan would love to know we're doing that."

Although Lynch and other celebrities are excited about Halloween, star Rachael Harris unveiled an interesting take on why the holiday isn't as intriguing for movie stars as it is for others. As she pointed out, playing dress-up is standard for actors.

"It's weird. When you dress up for your job all the time--even this [dress] tonight, this even feels like a costume a bit because you put on all the hair and make-up and you get into dress," the actress and comedian noted. "Halloween, I think, for actors isn't as special."

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The upcoming animated film follows the storyline of arcade video game characters. The film's title character, voiced by John C. Reilly, puts all the arcade's games at risk when he escapes his game and brings his destructive ways to other games.

"We never called it 'gamer'; we called it 'Player 1' and 'Player 2,'" he said of his experience with video games growing up. "I guess I was a gamer if that's what you call it now, but most of that took place in the arcades when I was younger."

Check out the full video to hear all the Wreck-It stars' Halloween plans as well as their experiences with video games.

Wreck-It Ralph
is in theaters this Friday (Nov. 2).