Kristen's Most Embarrassing Love Scene with Rob


If Taylor Lautner is to be believed, Breaking Dawn: Part 2 will shock its viewers with an "insane" love scene starring newlyweds Bella and Edward.

Having already seen an advance cut of the film, Lautner raves the steamy interaction is positively "mind-blowing."

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"I was not there in the bed, obviously," he says, "but as a viewer, it's insane."

Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, can't help but remember the very unsexy experience of filming the scene.

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"The worst was when [the director] was like, 'We want it to be really inside of the experience, so for your close-up you're not going to be looking at Rob, you're going to be actually looking directly into the lens," shared Kristen, who tells ET the most awkward moment of all was having to catch her lusty reflection in the camera.

She laughs, "I don't think they used any of those shots."

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Be sure to catch Breaking Dawn: Part 2 when it hits theaters November 16.

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