'Spider-Man' Sequel Secrets Hidden in Blu-ray?


The Amazing Spider-Man swings onto Blu-ray this Friday, and director Marc Webb and his visual effects team tell ETonline that if you look closely in several scenes, there are a few spoilers about the upcoming sequel starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

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"I'll give you a clue -- there's a scene where Gwen is in the Oscorp lab giving a tour to a series of students and there could be Easter Eggs in there," says Senior Visual Effects Supervisor Jerome Chen. "There's also an Easter Egg at the end of the movie…"

Additional Animation Supervisor David Schaub elaborates: "In the very last shot of the film where [Spider-Man] is swinging, gets himself shot out of the crane and he's flying down past the George Washington Bridge and he strikes a pose, there's an Easter Egg -- but I can't tell you any more than that -- for something to come."

Electro is rumored to be the next villain that Spidey faces in the follow-up to The Amazing Spider-Man, with Jamie Foxx rumored to be in negotiations for the role, and Webb says that this time, "There's a lot of pressure coming [Peter Parker's] way, and we'll see how he handles it. … The last movie, Peter's sort of discovering his powers and he's getting gradually better. Peter, in the next movie, is going to be a virtuoso. Spider-Man, from the outset, is a pro. He's an expert, and he's having a blast, and he is just electrifying in terms of his abilities as Spider-Man. That's going to be really fun. I'm really looking forward to a lot of those sequences."

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Webb also promises that the human element of the superhero saga will remain intact: "You know, Peter Parker's not an alien, he's not a billionaire. He's just some kid, and he kind of likes girls but they're hard to talk to and the people who are raising him, he has difficulties with them – there's all these relatable things, and then he gets to go fight crime at night and fly through the city. It's a great combination of elements."

Watch the video for more behind-the-scenes secrets of The Amazing Spider-Man, including 3D Visual Effects Supervisor Rob Engle's insight on how much of those swinging stunts were real and how much were CGI. Can you tell the difference?