Exclusive Clip: Inside Hayden's 'Minds'


Hayden Panettiere has been actively involved in the quest to protect earth's dolphins since 2007 and now one of her boldest attempts to prevent the slaughter of sea-life has been documented in the new film, Minds in the Water.

VIDEO - Panettiere Talks Nashville

In 2007, Panettiere joined with The Whaleman Foundation to try to disrupt Japan's annual dolphin hunt. That October, she was involved in a confrontation between Japanese fishermen and five other surfers, led by Dave Rastovich, the subject of this documentary.

VIDEO - On the Set of Nashville

In an exclusive ETonline sneak peek, Panettiere, Rastovich and their compatriots are seen paddling out to sea in hopes of blocking the fisherman's assault. "There's just something so united about what we did," Panettiere says in the clip. "We paddled out together, we stayed together, we stuck together."

Check out ETonline's exclusive clip above and pick up your copy of Minds in the Water when its hits DVD and VOD on November 13.