What You Might Not Know about Ben Stiller


Ben Stiller was honored by the American Cinematheque at their annual gala on Thursday night for his contributions to the film world, and as his fellow celebrity cohorts celebrated with him, they shared what his fans may be surprised to learn about him.

"I think he's maybe a little bit more reserved in person than people would...think," said fellow actor Martin Short, "but he's astoundingly accomplished and very, very smart."

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Unlike his begrudged character in the Meet the Parents series, Stiller's friends all mentioned his kindness and intelligence. As his Little Fockers co-star Laura Dern revealed, Stiller is also quite the athlete.

"[He's] hilarious and [a] tender dad and really fun to be on vacation with, and an amazing athlete," she praised of the 46-year-old actor.

Fellow comedic actor Eugene Levy also highlighted a serious side to Stiller that many fans wouldn't expect given his many film performances.

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"I think Ben has a very serious side as a person, as I do," the American Pie actor said. "I think that some people might find it odd to think that when you're in comedy, you're [not] funny every second of the day."

Check out the full video above to hear Stiller's thoughts on receiving the honor as well as his friends' favorite Stiller movies.