Scarlett Johansson Fills Role of Hitchcock Blonde


There are Bond girls, Charlie's Angels, and Hitchcock blondes. Scarlett Johansson assumes the role of the latest goldie-locked actress in a biographical film about Alfred Hitchcock during the period he filmed Psycho.

"I got very lucky that I got to play Janet Leigh because she's always been my favorite Hitchcock blonde," she told ET at the film's premiere. "I love her work and she was by all accounts a beloved woman, a real movie star, so it was more about capturing the essence of her than mimicking her."

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Newlywed Jessica Biel feels honored to see Anthony Hopkins in action. "I feel like this is one of those experiences where you're just watching a master at work and hopefully just soaking in some of that wisdom that he is projecting on screen," she credits.

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Dame Helen Mirren took on the part of Alma, the wife of Alfred Hitchcock. She says, "The main thing that I didn't know was about Alma, his wife, and how important Alma was to him and to the creation of his work and she was so in the shadows."

The classic shower scene is re-created when Hitchcock's curtain opens on November 23.

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