'Silver Linings' Stars Reveal Dance Scene Fears


When Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper signed on for their Silver Linings Playbook roles, they were destined to be thrown out of their comfort zones with the film's dancing scenes. At the film's Los Angeles premiere, the two detailed their experience with learning the moves with one another.

"Humiliation, sweat, fear," Lawrence listed in description of the dance rehearsals. "Mostly that kind of feeling."

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HeHer co-star, who acted alongside her for the first time in Silver Linings, recalled similar emotions and apprehensions during the dance rehearsals with Lawrence.

"I just remember hoping not to sweat too much," Cooper divulged. "I sweat like crazy and Jennifer Lawrence, I had just met her, so I was just hoping not to be too disgusting."

Although their dance scenes together weren't their favorite, the two both expressed high praises for their co-star love interest. After revealing her kinship with Cooper at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the film originally premiered in September, Lawrence had additional high praises for him.

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"He's hilarious. He makes me laugh every single day, so I enjoy coming to work and laughing every day," she said. "He's an amazing actor. He's one of the best actors I think I've ever worked with."

Lawrence, who received critical acclaim for her 2010 Winter's Bone and may be basking in the upcoming awards season for The Hunger Games, discussed the culmination of Silver Linings finally coming about.

"It's amazing. It feels so incredible to be at the end and have everybody here and finally have audiences see it," the 22-year-old actress said. "It's exciting and nerve-wracking."

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Cooper and Lawrence dance into theaters in Silver Linings Playbook tomorrow (Nov. 21).