What 'Liz & Dick' Cast Thought of Lindsay Lohan


The hyped Lifetime movie Liz & Dick on the lives of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton will make its debut this weekend. While the hype surrounding the film is mainly generated by the recent tribulations of the actress who portrays Taylor, her co-stars reveal that her portrayal in the media may not be justified by her true persona.

"I adore her. She's just so talented and she really is a genuinely wonderful person," said Theresa Russell, who plays Taylor's sister Sara in the film. "She's actually a very sweet person."

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All of Lohan's co-stars attested to her kindness towards them despite the reported incidents in Lohan's life that transpired during the film's production. Andy Hirsch, who plays Taylor's fourth husband, musician Eddie Fisher, shared his sympathies with Lohan for the paparazzi stalking she is subjected to.

"Lindsay was really kind to me," he said. "I really had a wonderful experience working with her. I don't know that everybody realizes what she deals with every day. We were going to take some stills one night and she's like, 'Well, we can't go out back because there's paparazzi right behind that truck,' and that's something that she's aware of every second of her life."

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As the frenzy over the ongoing drama in Lohan's personal life spilled onto the set, paparazzi were constantly encompassing the set and went to extreme lengths to snap a shot of her as Taylor. The mayhem was present from the first day of production, as David Hunt (Ifor Jenkins, Burton's brother) recounted.

"The first morning, the very first shot on the first day we shot in Marina del Rey, I walked onto set with Lindsay and my wife texted me...and she says, you're on Daily Mail online (British tabloid)," Hunt revealed. "There were paparazzi in the trees a hundred yards away. It took about five minutes before it was [everywhere]. It started from there and it took off."

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Producer Larry A. Thompson admitted that Lohan brought on-set distractions to the film but claimed those distractions eventually led to a more authentic finished product. He also revealed that the 26-year-old actress' acting abilities were a bit rusty during the frontend of production.

"She was coming out of a period of her life where she hadn't worked a lot," he said. "I think it took her a week or so to get her legs, to get up to her level, and once she did, she soared."

Liz & Dick airs Sunday (Nov. 25) at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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