Will Smith: 'Men' of Action


Ask anyone and you'll hear a hundred stories about how dedicated Will Smith is to his craft. They'll tell you there's nothing he won't do to get the shot, perfect a script or promote a project.

VIDEO - Will Sits Down With Nancy O'Dell!

Men in Black 3 director Barry Sonnenfeld is the latest to join in the chorus of acclaim in this exclusive behind-the-scenes clip off the upcoming DVD.

Sonnenfeld reveals, "We had a scene where it called for Agent J to jump out a window. I just assumed Will would do it. And [with] no other actor would I even think that actor was going to do it. But with Will, you don't even think twice."

Check out ETonline's exclusive behind-the-scenes clip and click here to pick up Men in Black 3 on DVD, which hits stores on November 30.