Why Daniel Radcliffe Prefers To Film in Canada


As Daniel Radcliffe continues to segue out of the colossal film franchise that made him a star, Harry Potter, he is broadening his acting career and exploring new locations outside of Harry Potter's U.K.-based sets. While filming the upcoming Horns throughout Canada, Radcliffe told ET Canada why he prefers filming there.

"What is very impressive about Canada is that people don't generally do English accents as much around me as they do in America," Radcliffe said to ET Canada's Erin Cebula. "I could film in Canada again anytime, any day of the week very, very happily."

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In Horns, based on a 2010 book bearing the same name, Radcliffe plays a man ("Ig Perrish") who spontaneously has horns extending from his head after his girlfriend was mysteriously murdered. While moviegoers will get an up-close look at his character's life in the film, he reiterated that he doesn't feel as though the public should be granted an in-depth view of his personal life.

"Good actors don't really seek out paparazzi attention and all of that stuff, but to a certain extent, it's unavoidable," the 23-year-old actor said. "I don't think anyone knows me knows me, but I think they have a sense of what I'm like as a person and [I] think that's good, but I don't think the day-to-day details of people's lives--as I've said many times--need to be known."

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While Radcliffe may prefer the way he's treated by Canadians, he'll be honored this winter in the U.S. when another of his upcoming films, Kill Your Darlings, premieres at this year's annual Sundance Film Festival, which marks a first for the British actor.

"That'll be the first time that I've actually had a film in a film festival, really," he said with a smile. "That's really, really exciting for me. That's a very big moment."

is set for release in 2013.