James Tupper's Two Week Rule


James Tupper recently let ET Canada into his home to document a new promotional photoshoot since the actor, who stars in Revenge and in Playing For Keeps, is busier than ever.

During some of his downtime, ETonline caught up with Tupper to talk about his new movie, keeping his marriage to Anne Heche hot and the new TV show that might keep him from getting more Revenge.

ETonline: What appealed to you about Playing For Keeps?

James Tupper: They sent me the script and I saw Gabriele [Muccino] was directing it – he did Pursuit of Happyness – I was such a huge fan of what he does with subject matter and also what he can do visually. And he did not disappoint. He's such an auteur. You felt like you were in the presence of someone super talented. It's a comedy but also a cautionary tale about putting children first and following your own heart with divorce.

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ETonline: And clearly lots of other actors felt similarly.
Tupper: Dennis Quaid – what? Are you kidding? I'm such a huge fan of his. Uma Thurman? Kill Bill! Come on. And then I got to play Jessica Biel's fiance. Gerard Butler plays her ex-husband and they have a kid together. I think they had to reshoot it four times, and my theory is that no one would believe she'd consider leaving me for him [laughs]. A hairy Scotsman? Come on. Not gonna happen.

VIDEO - Exclusive Clip: Playing For Keeps

ETonline: You also play David Clarke in flashbacks on Revenge. Is it strange to be part of such a popular show yet have never worked with most of the cast?

Tupper: It's very weird. I only work with the little Amanda, Madeleine Stowe and a bit with Jennifer Jason Leigh. She's fantastic. But the most common thing I get asked is, "Are you dead?" I tell them that I'm not, but my character probably is. There's an expectation I might come back, but I'm doing another show now for Jerry Bruckheimer – The Secret Lives of Husbands and Wives. I'm shooting a few more Revenge episodes, and then we'll see what happens. If that show gets picked up, it could be tricky to do both.

ETonline: How do you describe Secret Lives?

Tupper: It's like Revenge and [Desperate] Housewives, mixed with Hitchcock. I swear, it's so much fun, and one of the most interesting characters I've ever been allowed to play. Here, I play a realtor who definitely has some sinister things in his past and it's so fascinating.

ETonline: Secret Lives films inNew York, while Anne Heche's new show, Save Me, films in L.A. How do you make that work?

Tupper: We have a two-week rule. We do a lot of Skyping. We're both on Instagram so we just stay in touch constantly through social media. I'm always sending her pictures. And, if I go away, I always come back with a gift. You've got to do these things to keep a relationship working.

Playing For Keeps
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