Tom Cruise on Filming Dream Car Chase in 'Reacher'

Tom Cruise on Filming Dream Car Chase in 'Reacher'

Tom Cruise is better known for his on-foot chases (see every Tom Cruise movie ever made) than his car chases (see Vanilla Sky -- not really a chase though, more like a high-speed car crash), but his latest film offer could change everything.

Jack Reacher follows the titular character (played by Cruise) -- an ex-military investigator, who operates by his own set of moral codes -- as he investigates a case involving a trained military sniper accused of shooting five innocent people. Somewhere in the middle of all his running around, Reacher gets himself into one spectacular car chase.

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"What we did is actually very dangerous and took a lot of skill, but I had an absolute blast doing it," Cruise said at the London premiere on Monday. "It was really fun. That car is a tricky car; the surfaces on the road were not always ideal, but I'd always wanted to do a car chase like that."

British author Lee Child, who penned the novel that the movie is based on, was stricken by the similarities between Cruise and his trained killer character.

"He has a lot of the same instincts, a lot of the same habits," said Child. "He's tough, he's brave, he's reckless even and he gets the job done in the same way that Reacher does."

Jack Reacher, also starring Rosamund Pike, Robert Duvall, Richard Jenkins and David Oyelowo opens December 21.

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