Amanda on Getting a Hugh Jackman Lap Dance


Les Miserables had its big New York City premiere Monday night, and ET caught up with the ensemble cast to talk about everything from their epic bonding during the film, Anne Hathaway's always buzzed-about fashion and yes, the time Amanda Seyfried got a lap dance from Hugh Jackman himself.

"It was like, barely a lap dance, I would have preferred a little bit more," Amanda joked. "It was a birthday lap dance, yeah -- it was special. Best birthday ever. It's all gonna go downhill from here, so ..."

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"It was her birthday and I started singing very sweetly, and Amanda, as Deb [Hugh's wife, Deborra-Lee Furness] knows, she looks sweet but she's very naughty -- cheeky," Hugh confirmed, also revealing that his 12-year-old son Oscar has a crush on the quirky actress.

Hugh, who walked the red carpet alongside Deborra, revealed that the pair have a rule where they can't be apart from one another for more than two weeks, and credits her to making his life a "hell of a lot more fun."

"Trust me, I'm really a boring guy -- when I was on my own, I was sitting there -- with jigsaw puzzles, watching my voice, drinking lemon tea. Wow, thank goodness this one's in my life," he said, pointing to his wife of 16 years. It's a hell of a lot more fun."

Pics: Anne and Amanda's Show-Stopping 'Les Miserables' Premiere Looks

Anne Hathaway, who stunned in a Tom Ford dress and show-stopping knee-high Tom Ford bondage boots, also talked to ET about her ritual getting ready for a big red carpet premiere, which includes getting into the mood with a particular Scissor Sisters song.

"I try to have a kiki. I lock the doors tight. I have a kiki -- you have to bleep out the next part of that song," she joked, referring to the Scissors Sisters song Let's Have a Kiki. "Yeah, we just listen to the Scissor Sisters song Let's Have a Kiki and kind of get into the headspace."

Check out the video to hear Anne describe her girl crush on Amanda, Russell Crowe on his Christmas plans this year and why Les Miserables is hard for Hugh's wife Deborra to watch.

Les Miserables hits theaters Christmas day.

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