Zoe Saldana's 'Avatar' Sequels Update

Zoe Saldana's 'Avatar' Sequels Update

Is Zoe Saldana ready to once again don a motion-capture suit and dive back into the world of Avatar? The Star Trek Into Darkness star gave ET the latest update on the highly anticipated back-to-back sequels to one of the all-time highest-grossing films in history.

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"All we have gotten is the call to get ready – that at some point next year we will start training and then eventually start shooting," says Zoe. "I do know there is a part two and a part three that we'll shoot at the same time, which I'm very happy for because I'm not getting any younger.

"But I do know that Jim will give us the green light when he's absolutely ready," she continues. "And I feel, because he's such a great storyteller, it's still worth the wait."

Zoe says she's more than ready to strap on her motion-capture suit again because, "I had such a beautiful and spiritual experience shooting that movie, and I learned so much as an actor, as an artist, and as a person, as a human being. So to get to go back to that is a blessing."

Earlier this year, Zoe's Avatar co-star Sam Worthington gave ET an update on Cameron's progress with the sequels, joking about the director's record-setting deep-sea solo dive to the deepest point of the earth, the Mariana Trench.

"Jim's off on his personal mission exploring the depths of the ocean, so hopefully a sea snake doesn't grab him, or some monster that is in the deep that no one knows about," says Sam with a sly grin. "As [Wrath of the Titans co-star Liam Neeson] said, if it does, I pity the monster, because Jim will definitely take down that thing. And when he's back and wants to go, I'm ready to jump."

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Surely not a coincidence, the ocean-loving Cameron has said the sequel to the highest grossing film in history will dive into the oceans of Pandora – and will likely not arrive in theaters until 2016.