Why 'Les Mis' Terrified Hugh Jackman

Why 'Les Mis' Terrified Hugh Jackman

Given his strong song and dance background (plus, those two Tony Awards), it's no surprise Hugh Jackman's name gets bandied about for every big screen musical. But, in a new interview during The LA Times' Envelope Screening Series, Jackman reveals his latest stab at cinematic singing scared the life out of him.

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After equating Jean Valjean in Les Miserables to Hamlet, Jackman says, "You dream of having a great part, but deep down there's that fear of, 'Will you live up to your own expectations?'"

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Thankfully Jackman's fears were unfounded as his work not only secured him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor, but a SAG nod in the same category and a smattering of Best Ensemble nominations.

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