Colin & Cranston Crack Up During 'Recall' Fight


Bryan Cranston makes funny faces when he gets punched. Or at least when he gets "fake" punched with Colin Farrell throwing 'em on the set of Total Recall. Watch our exclusive clip from the new Blu-ray Combo Pack in which Bryan talks about the art of the movie fight -- and how a masseuse is required at the end of a long day.

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"Even when you're faking getting hit, by the end of the day you're doing this 25-50 times," says Cranston. "Even though you're not getting hit, your neck feels like you got hit because you're doing the [head] snaps the whole time, or the shots to the stomach and the rolling. Oof. It's fun, but this weekend there's going to be some massage table time for me."

Bryan plays the baddie of Total Recall, Cohaagen, who has some devious plans to rule the other half of the world in the futuristic reboot. But Colin Farrell's everyman construction worker-turned-super spy has plans of his own to stop him, and that's what brings about the epic fistfight.

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"He gave up loads; I was surprised – the old guy did alright," says Colin with a smile. "He really did. He brought his A-game."

Total Recall is available on Blu-ray Combo Pack now.