'Impossible' Oscar Buzz Makes Naomi Watts Nervous


Naomi Watts is nominated for a Golden Globe and SAG Award for her performance in the moving drama The Impossible and we sat down with her and co-star Ewan McGregor to get their thoughts on the film about survivors of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

"It makes you nervous, definitely," said Watts, when asked about her nominations and the movie's current Oscar buzz. She said she can't remember crying watching any of her previous films, but
admitted to tearing up during a screening of this one. "I actually got
truly swept up with this."

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Watts revealed that when the actual disaster portrayed in the film happened, she was intensely interested. "I remember watching the news with total horror, and staying glued to it and watching the numbers grow and grow, it was horrific."

She said one of the most emotional moments working on the film was meeting her real-life character. "I was very nervous about meeting her because I thought, where do I
begin this dialogue, what do I say, what shall I ask her," Watts said. "But we sat in a
room and I looked at her and thought, oh, please let her begin, and she
just started welling up, and the story was told in one look, and I felt
immediately connected to her."

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McGregor -- who plays Watts' husband in the film -- said he felt a different kind of pressure playing the role of a real-life character with such a powerful story. "The responsibility we felt was to the people who were there at the time,
the people that died there, and the people who lost loved ones
there. That was where I felt that we had the biggest responsibility."

seemed to shrug off the film's Oscar buzz. "I mean you know, it's exciting of course, if you think you might be in
the running for something like that. But it's not something that you'd
ever want to rely on or get too excited about because, I don't know how
it works... but that being said, I've received some awards in the past
and I've always enjoyed it," he said. 

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