Julianne Hough on Her Romance with Ryan Seacrest


Julianne Hough pairs up with Josh Duhamel for the romantic thriller Safe Haven. While her co-star Cobie Smulders assessed the onscreen pair's chemistry as "fiery," ET wanted to know what her romance is like with her real-life boyfriend Ryan Seacrest. "Fiery" wasn't Hough's word of choice, but she did gush about her man.

"Ryan is the most romantic person I've ever met," she praised on the film's set in North Carolina. "[He's] very thoughtful and very generous...Things that you wouldn't think a guy would even pick up on he's already done five steps ago."

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Hough went on to describe some of the thoughtful things that Seacrest does for her, including sending her mementos when the two are apart. The 24-year-old multitalented star also had high praises for her onscreen love interest.

"Josh is amazing to work with," Hough lauded of Duhamel. "He's definitely very focused when we're doing a scene, especially if it's something big...He's just a good guy and really fun."

Although the two are merely onscreen lovers, Duhamel, who is married to Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie, shares the same mindset of Hough's boyfriend about what keeps a relationship strong.

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"I think the secret [to a lasting relationship] is just doing little things and just being thoughtful and just making sure they're being thought about," the Transformers actor said. "It's not so much about the big, grand gestures as it is about the little things."

Safe Haven
is yet another film adaptation of a novel by Nicholas Sparks, who also wrote A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, and Dear John, which were all made into films in addition to four more of his love-story books.

Although the theme of love is not lost in the upcoming film, there is an added element of suspense in this one, which Duhamel extracted as a key element as to why he joined the film.

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"I love the story...I've always wanted to do one of these movies. The Nicholas Sparks movies are something that I'm actually a big fan of," he said. "If I was going to do one and if I had an opportunity to do one, I wanted it to be a little bit different...and this is a movie that, I think, is going to surprise people in that it's...romantic but it's more of a thriller, suspenseful, a little bit scarier movie than the other ones."

Safe Haven
is in theaters February 14.