Watch Paul Wesley's 'Outlaw' Swagger - Exclusive


For the first time since The Vampire Diaries debuted, star Paul Wesley is hitting the big screen in the rolicking The Baytown Outlaws, co-starring Eva Longoria and Billy Bob Thornton.

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After being shot by her ex-husband Carlos (Thornton), Celeste (Longoria) hires three redneck brothers to rescue her son from his clutches. From there, the siblings face female assassins, Native American hunters, federal agents and a whole lot of bullets in the quest to bring him home.

ETonline scored an exclusive clip from The Baytown Outlaws, which highlights the uphill battle Wesley's character, Anthony Reese -- an A.T.F. officer -- faces in trying to work alongside the local police, led by Andre Braugher, who plays the Sheriff.

The Baytown Outlaws opens in New York on January 11.