Efron Wants To Win 'At Any Price'

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Yesterday not only marked the seventh anniversary of High School Musical's debut, but also the day Zac Efron came into our lives with the force of a thousand bang sweeps. Since then, he's matured into one of the most charming and most ogled actors of his generation.

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But Efron wants to prove himself to be more than just a pretty (it's so pretty) face, as you can tell from his latest string of films. Following his role in the craptastic rom-com ensemble New Year's Eve, he's gone highbrow with weightier roles in The Lucky One, The Paperboy and this year's At Any Price.

VIDEO - Zac Efron's Lucky Charm

Co-starring Dennis Quaid and Kim Dickens as his parents, Efron brings to life the story of a wannabe race car driver, who has to escape his farmboy life and father's disapproval. At Any Price was an official selection at the 69th Venice International Film Festival, the Telluride Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival.

Now, a trailer for the lauded drama has hit the web so you can see what all the praise is about!