Jennifer Lopez Talks Racy Strip Tease in 'Parker'


Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham star in the action-packed Parker, and one scene in particular from the film's trailer is getting plenty of attention -- Jennifer's sexy strip tease to prove she's not wearing a wire.

ET caught up with the film's stars at Parker's NYC premiere, where Jennifer admitted that she's not always confident despite her famously flawless physique.

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"You definitely have nerves when you do a scene like that," she said. "But you know, it's a professional situation and you know it's something that you have to do so you just prepare yourself mentally, physically, and then just kind of go for it."

Jason was understandably more relaxed during filming.

When asked about any nerves shooting the buzzed-about scene, he joked, "You're going to have to ask her -- I was very comfortable, believe me."

Video: Jennifer Lopez Strips for Jason Statham

As for Jennifer's compliments that Jason is "the best out there," it's clear the two co-stars get along great.

"That's a nice compliment. She's probably biased," he laughed. "We're good friends now, so ..."

Check out the video to see if action star Jason is open to doing a romantic comedy, and what his loyal fans can expect from his latest hit. Parker hits theaters Friday, January 25.