Behind the Scenes With Bruce Willis for 'Die Hard'


The wait is almost over for Die Hard fans as Bruce Willis returns to his big screen role of John McClane in the franchise's latest offering, A Good Day to Die Hard! ET went behind the scenes to reveal some of the magic behind this action thriller and to get Willis' take on returning to his iconic role nearly six years after the last installment.

Willis, 57, said this time around his character sets out to help his son Jack -- with whom he's had a "contentious" relationship -- and has to travel to Moscow to track him down. "My character in these films seldom follows the rules and just uses whatever is an hand to try and solve the problem."

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Willis said the latest film won't disappoint genre fans with its multiple action sequences, fiery explosions and a tense nuclear threat, leading to what he calls "a big, rockin' Die Hard movie."

Co-star Jai Courtney explains that his character Jack has been off the grid for many years before being rediscovered by his father (Willis) and has a deep secret revealed in the movie. "Jack's actually deep cover CIA. He had a dishonorable discharge from the army and it was all actually an elaborate setup to get him as far off the map as possible."

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Watch the video for Courtney's comments on working with Willis and to hear for co-star Yuliya Snigir  talk about her character's many talents for all things action!

A Good Day to Die Hard blasts into theaters February 14.

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