ET Flashback: Bill Murray is Bitten by a Groundhog


February 2 is Groundhog Day, and this February marks the 20th anniversary of Bill Murray's classic film by the same name.

The movie stars Andie MacDowell and Murray--a weatherman who finds himself stuck in time, waking up every morning to find himself stuck in the same day he had before.

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ET flashes back to the film's release in 1993, where Murray and MacDowell talk behind-the-scenes details on the comedy, including Bill Murray being bitten by a live groundhog during production.

Watch the video above for more highlights, including MacDowell recalling the Sonny and Cher song, I Got You Babe, that plays every fateful morning Murray's character wakes up to realize that it's still February 2.

Should it play on your alarm clock tomorrow morning, try not to get stuck in time.

Happy Groundhog Day!