Elijah Wood is a 'Maniac' -- WATCH

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When I chatted with Elijah Wood last July, the actor excitedly spoke about the Maniac re-imagining he was fronting and now you can see the fruits of his murderous labor in this just released red band (ie: violent) trailer.

The film casts Wood as Frank, the owner of a mannequin shop develops a dangerous obsession with a young artist, and adopts a unique perspective on the traditional slasher. Literally.

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"A majority of the film is from my point of view," Wood told me. As for the acting challenges that presented, he relished every single one. "It was like playing a character in three different movements. The character was comprised of my voice and we re-recorded all the dialogue from the film in a booth, so I knew a significant portion of the character would be created in that environment in terms of atmosphere, his presence and him vocally. The second was arms and hands in frame – trying to navigate around a moving camera. The third was ultimately the camera operator. Our Director of Photography was effectively me. He stood where my character would during filming. Often we worked together and every scene was choreographed. It was so interesting."

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In the end, all the behind-the-scenes choreography was worth it, as Wood says, "I think the film we ended up making was quite different than the film we intended to make. It ended up far more beautiful and artistic than we imagined … while also brutal. I mean, I do scalp women in it."

Check out the trailer and see if you agree with Wood.

opens later this year.