Scarlett Johansson Talks Failed 'Les Miz' Audition

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By CBS News

Imagine sitting down in a movie theater to see Les Miserables, and seeing Scarlett Johansson sing I Dreamed a Dream. It could have happened -- the actress says she auditioned to play Fantine in the Oscar-nominated musical.

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In an interview with, Johansson confirmed she had been up for the part: "Yes, I did [audition]. I sang my little heart out."

When asked if auditioning to play Fantine was terrifying, she replied: "No, are you kidding? The jazz hands kid inside me was just over the moon!"

But, she added, "I auditioned with laryngitis. I did everything I could to, like, not have laryngitis."

The role of Fantine eventually went to Anne Hathaway, who is now considered the frontrunner to win the best supporting actress Oscar at the Academy Awards.

Johansson, for her part, says she has no hard feelings about losing out on the part.

"I think looking at the film now, there's no possible way I ever could have topped that performance [by Hathaway]. It was perfect and I think fateful and meant to be," she said. "But, yes, the audition itself brought back so many memories of auditioning for Les Miz for the young Cosette, and it was fun for me to revisit that."

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Johansson is currently on Broadway playing Maggie in the revival of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. She also appears in the film Don Jon's Addiction, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last month, and will reprise her role as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow in the upcoming Marvel film Captain America: The Winter Soldier, due out next year.